On August 1, 2015
Students Together Brisbane - 5:00 pm More details...
On August 2, 2015
Traditional Worship - 7:30 am More details...
Contemporary Worship - 9:30 am More details...

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Our theme for 2015
Rhythmic Faith – Our Theme for 2015.

Our hope and heart is to see people of different cultures and generations connecting to God and each other through the transforming culture of Jesus Christ.  

The SPEED LIMIT in the Car Park is 15kph. Please stay below this and watch out for pedestrians.

Meeting of the Congregation.

11:15am on Sunday 2nd August.


Mid Week Worship Service in the Prayer Chapel from 26 August.  Wednesday’s 12:00pm-12:40pm

B.Y. O. Lunch and share together in fellowship 12:40pm-1:00pm.
For more information: ua.gr1438185165o.cuk1438185165nabyn1438185165nus@t1438185165catno1438185165c1438185165