Sunnybank Uniting Church

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Sunnybank Uniting Church

We are a cross-cultural family that aims to see people of different generations and cultures all connecting to God and each other through the culture of Jesus Christ that transforms all.

The Uniting Church is a church for everyone.

Its purpose is to serve as a place for the worship of God and to proclaim the message of our Lord Jesus Christ as brought to us in his Gospel. We seek to promote the Christian fellowship and nurture believers in the Christian faith.

Sunnybank Uniting Church engages in missionary work, and we seek to assist in human development as we make efforts to also improve human relationships. We believe that the Church is a place of refuge, not only a place of worship but also the place people can come to for solutions to their problems. This is why we also try to meet human needs through charity and other services.

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Everything we do

At Sunnybank Uniting Church, everything we do is guided and inspired by obedience to the Holy Spirit.

National Assembly

The National Assembly is the national council of the Uniting Church in Australia, and it is responsible for matters that have to do with worship, government, doctrine and discipline within the Church. It also sets national policy that promotes the mission of the Church to the world.

Frontier Services

Frontier Services is a missionary service catering to those in the remote part of Australia. Australia is a big country with a population scattered across the major cities. But there are people far out in the outback for one reason or another, and they too need support.

South Moreton Presbytery

This is one of the regions of the Uniting Church in Australia. This presbytery covers the Queensland Synod of the Church from southern Brisbane to Logan in Gold Coast and finally ending in Beaudesert.

Wesley Mission Brisbane

The Wesley Mission has been assisting the community for over 100 years now Since it was established in 1907 as part of the Albert Street Methodist Church which is now known as Uniting Church in Brisbane. The mission supports people who are living on society’s margins.

Christian Radio

Get to enjoy different Christian programs throughout the day. We have radio stations that offer different programs for you, and you can improve your faith while also having a great time. The programs are entertaining and informative, and you get to renew your faith through these programs.


Sunnybank Uniting Church has lots of missions under it participating in and carrying out different activities all over Australia.


The Church is made up of various ministries that gives anyone who is interested in doing the lord’s work the opportunity to find the right role.