Sunnybank Uniting Church

Christian Radio

Radio stations spreading the Gospel.

Get to enjoy different Christian programs throughout the day. We have radio stations that offer different programs for you, and you can improve your faith while also having a great time. The programs are entertaining and informative, and you get to renew your faith through these programs. There are two radio stations available for you to choose between.

96.5 Family Station

This is a city family radio that broadcasts engaging content that will add value to the listeners and suitable for every member of the family. This radio station provides family advice and tips, uplifting music, info on family-friendly events happening in Brisbane and lots more. All the broadcasts focus on the message of hope, and the station seeks to connect and engage people with the message of Christ.

The desire here is to make sure people feel valued, appreciated and welcomed, and the station partners with other organisations with shared values to achieve this.

Vision Christian Media

This is a not for profit charity that works to bring the good news of the Gospel to every home in Australia. The charity was established far back in 1986, and since then it has established more than 30 Christian community radio stations that were independent before becoming a publisher and broadcaster. The Vision Christian radio now serves hundreds of thousands of people all over Australia, providing quality Christian content, support, biblical perspectives, and good company. If you are looking to connect with your faith, this is the radio station tune in it.

When it started in 1999, it was just a regional station, but that has changed since then. There are now more than 700 relay stations all over the country that covers every part from remote and regional areas to the major cities. The radio broadcasts engaging chats, great music, scriptural perspectives, inspiring real-life stories, news and lots more. There are also lots of Biblical programmes on the air.

The growth of this radio station since it started in 1999 is a testimony to the power and grace of God and this station has done everything to reach more communities including those in the remotest parts of the country as much as it is also available for those in urban communities.  Most of the stations are low powered FM transmitters. However, there are many high powered AM and FM transmitters available which can reach almost everywhere.

If you are not in the range of any of the radio stations, you can still get to listen by using the internet, all you have to do is click on the Listen Now button on the website of the radio station, and you can also connect with satellite. There are now free apps that you can download, which enables you to listen on your smartphone or computer. The apps work with the major operating systems for mobile devices which are Android, Windows, Apple, and Kindle Fire. You can check out the list of stations and make enquiries to know the places that have or do not have reception.