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Frontier Services

Volunteer for outreach to remote parts of Australia

Frontier Services is a missionary service catering to those in the remote part of Australia. Australia is a big country with a population scattered across the major cities. But there are people far out in the outback for one reason or another, and they too need assistance. The Frontier Services include several programs that target people in these remote areas.

Ours is a society where people are getting more isolated and having less contact with people. This is even worse for people who live in the bush. In these isolated and remote areas, we serve as companions to these people, offering them a helping hand, lending them an ear, and being of service in any way that we can. We believe this is our way of giving everyone the opportunity to better their lot. This is the oldest bush charity in Australia with more than a hundred years of existence.

Frontier Services is founded to help people. It is an agency of the Uniting Church of Australia, and this charity exists to help others and give them a fair go. Assisting other people is human nature, and it is this nature that informs what we do. Frontier Services is all about connecting with other people either with a phone call, chat, friendly face, helping hand, and listening ear. This happens on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level.

Our vision is to see an Australia where everyone that lives in remote and regional areas is supported and cared for, and they hold the mantle of wellbeing and safety. The Australian people who are living out there in the bush experience the tyranny of social isolation and distance. These include mining communities, isolated properties, indigenous communities, and other communities in remote areas. These are the people we serve.

Bush Chaplaincy

We have bush chaplains who serve a key role that not many people are capable of. They visit people on isolated properties for a chat or a cuppa. These people are usually at the forefront, and they identify issues and provide spiritual, pastoral, and practical support. They travel thousands of kilometres yearly, during which they visit many families and individuals. The cost of travelling all this distance is high, and donations are accepted.

Outback Links

Outback Links have been bringing volunteers together with people living in remote parts of Australia for decades. We provide support at the points when it is necessary. This covers everything from property maintenance to caretaking, painting, gardening, or even general farm support. You can join the volunteers to have a meaningful and life-changing experience as you help others. Check out the volunteer opportunities available.

Frontier News

You can stay up to date with the latest information about the programs and volunteer opportunities available by subscribing to the Frontier News. This is a quarterly publication for updating our readers on the activities and partners in remote Australia.