Sunnybank Uniting Church


Sunnybank Uniting Church Ministries

The Church is made up of various ministries that gives anyone who is interested in doing the lord’s work the opportunity to find the right role. There are four different ministries within the Church, and you can join any of them depending on your preference, passion, and the inspiration from God.

Ministries include;


This ministry is focused on making people feel welcomed, appreciated and valued whenever they visit the Church. To be hospitable is one of the ways through which we express our gratefulness for the generosity of God to us. This ministry is crucial because those in it are usually the first point of contact for anyone who is coming to Church. People can make decisions on whether to continue attending the Church or not based on their first interaction with people in this ministry; thus, it must be handled with all the sensitivity that is necessary for it. Ministering in hospitality is in line with the scriptures that ask us to welcome the strangers among us.

The ministry involves;

  • Providing morning tea to attendees after a corporate or Church event.
  • Welcoming those who come to worship at the door
  • Ensuring a friendly, clean, and safe environment for everyone
  • Roles you can perform as a minister in hospitality.
  • Host for Sunday morning
  • Door welcomer
  • Crèche worker
  • Morning tea server

Pastoral Care

This misery is all about caring and nurturing those in need of it. It can take many forms which include providing hampers and emergency measles, visiting at home and hospitals, home communion for those that are going home, phobic calls, letters and cards, prayers, etc.

As a believer, you have the responsibility to uphold and look after fellow believers in spiritual, emotional, and practical ways. This is what pastoral care offers.

Roles in Pastoral Care Ministry

Casserole Ministry – provision of home-cooked meals occasionally

Cradle Roll – sending cards on a child’s birthday or anniversary of the baptism

Writing and sending letters of care, congratulations, and condolences.

Visiting in hospitals or homes

Updating the church photo board

Compiling and emailing the prayer requests from the Sunday worship.

Prayer Ministry

This ministry performs a very important role because the Church is built on prayers. Prayers can be of three movements – upward, inward, and outward. All movements require that we should be attentive to the voice and heart of God around, through, and in us. This is why we encourage everyone to grow in corporate and personal prayer.

Choosing this ministry is significant. God manifests his kingdom on earth through prayers and draws those who are open to his voice closer.

Roles in the Prayer ministry

Weekly prayer requests from the Sunday worship

Prayer chain organised for emergency requests

Weekly prayer meetings

One week of fasting and prayer annually.

Prayer for healing and deliverance

Worship Team

Nothing in the world is better than honouring God in deed, word, and song, and this is what the worship team does by providing opportunities for believers to worship and praise God with songs and instruments.