Sunnybank Uniting Church


Missions under Sunnybank Uniting Church

Sunnybank Uniting Church has various missions focused on different activities all over Australia. All these activities serve to connect different groups of people and bring the Church closer to achieving its goals. The missions include;

Men’s Shed

The Men’s Shed is an avenue for men to come together and on different projects. It offers a hub for men to practise and sharpen their handy skills with DIY activities such as making toys, furniture, designing crafts and arts, restoring old objects, etc. however, it serves more than this purpose. It is also an avenue to deal with the social isolation experienced by many men, especially when they are no longer in employment. It gives men a place to go where they can keep their social life fully functional and avoid social isolation which could lead to serious health issues such as substance abuse and depression. It is a place where men can find a new purpose and connect with other men in an inclusive and relaxed environment. At the Shed, men can discuss their problems, exchange ideas, get advice, and do a lot more.

Beyond the individual benefits, the Shed also contributes to the community by working with schools, charities, non-profit organisations, and lots more.

Religious Instructions

This is a ministry of Christian volunteers that visit primary schools within the community to give the students Bible lessons while also encouraging the students to follow the way of God. It also provides weekly lessons and annual training. If you are passionate about children and evangelism, this is the mission for you. You can become a religious instruction teacher or assist one or volunteer as a supply religious instruction teacher which means you will fill the role of a teacher when they are not available.

Community Garden

The community garden is one of the church outreach. Through this mission, the Church provides space where community members can enjoy outdoor activities. It is a great avenue to learn gardening, socialise with other members of the community and grow organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers which can be shared with other members of the community.

Morning Tea

The Australia Biggest Morning Tea is something that the Church is also involved in as it presents an opportunity to form partnerships with other organisations and make a difference. This event is an annual fundraiser for cancer research. If you love to volunteer and look forward to organising a one-day event, this missional event is perfect for you. You can get involved in many ways, just make enquiries to find out.