Sunnybank Uniting Church

National Assembly

The National Assembly is the national council of the Uniting Church in Australia, and it is responsible for matters that have to do with worship, government, doctrine and discipline within the Church. It also sets national policy that promotes the mission of the Church to the world.

The National Assembly of the Church is also responsible for establishing the theological training standards and receiving ministers from other communions. The council coordinates the efforts of all regional churches towards the pursuit of our goal, which is a worldwide union of all churches of Christ.

Uniting Church of Australia National Assembly is where all synods and agencies affiliated or connected with the Church unites to determine the next steps in the pursuit of the mission. It organises different programs that bring all the regional branches together. One of such was the one-day meeting to shape the vision of the Church as it relates to creating a just Australia. There are specific agencies and people within the Church who are focused on building a just Australia, and this meeting was for those people and agencies to deliberate on the way forward for the Church.

As a community that embodies the spirit of Jesus Christ, it becomes necessary to advocate for justice as Jesus himself was and what defines us as people is not what we do or how much we earn, but the hospitality and compassion of God as we have seen in Jesus Christ.

One of the major visions of the Uniting Church is achieving a just Australia, and the national assembly spearheads the achievement of this vision by relying on members with years of experience and knowledge who will work towards tackling injustice from the grassroots level.

Another program organised by the national assembly is the national young adult leaders conference. This program is designed for young adults in Australia, so they can learn how to take up leadership roles within the Church. The importance of young adults to the future of any community or organisation cannot be overemphasised. We understand this, and that is why we make sure that they are involved in all activities within the Church. This enables them to learn quickly and develop within the body of Christ so they too will be ready when the time comes to take leadership roles within the Church.

The National Assembly is what connects all the local and regional branches of the Church and ensures that every Church, no matter where it is located in Australia, is working in line with the goals of the Church. In fact, it is safe to say that it is the National Assembly that unites the Uniting Church in Australia and represents the interest of the Church in the country. The President heads the national assembly, and the General Secretary handles the day to day running of the national assembly.