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Our office is a hive of activity that facilitates communication, property usage, and the general logistics of life in a cross-cultural multi-generational family.

Volunteers can help with various tasks that free the staff team to relate, resource and release the Body of Christ in Ministry and Mission.

Why Serve as an Office Volunteer:

  • Great for those who love to serve in a practical way.

How to Serve as an Office Volunteer:

  • Photocopying
  • Typing resource books such as DNA
  • Binding resource books
  • Counting the offering on Monday Mornings
  • Make the staff team (Karen) a nice strong coffee (with a slice of caramel tart!)

For more information please contact Kym   ua.gr1556167841o.cuk1556167841nabyn1556167841nus@m1556167841yk1556167841 or phone 3273 4433