Sunnybank Uniting Church

South Moreton Presbytery

Get to know South Moreton Presbytery

This is one of the regions of the Uniting Church in Australia. This presbytery covers the Queensland Synod of the Church from southern Brisbane to Logan in Gold Coast and finally ending in Beaudesert. The South Moreton Presbytery includes various churches and groups. Some of them are;

Messy Church

Messy Church organises the annual refresh. The mess national conference which you can attend. Messy Church is a global church for people of all ages, and there are branches all over the world, including many in Australia. It is an informal church which operates in an unconventional way, with its activities held on other days apart from Sunday. It is an opportunity for you to see Church in a different light, and if you ever feel like you don’t belong in any church, you should definitely try out this one. In light of the pandemic, many of the activities of the Church happen live on Zoom, and you can find out more about what they do.

Children and Families Intergen Ministry

This ministry is different from the local churches that you are used to. This ministry is a movement that stems from the need to encourage the participation of young adults in Church. It stemmed from the observations in recent years of phenomenon where young adults leave the Church or cease to participate in church activities. This is believed to have stemmed from the didactic and hierarchical roles in the traditional churches that make it difficult for young adults and teens to find their purpose in the ministry when they have a subordinate and passive role in activities and are most times separated from the adults. This ministry seeks to integrate young members into the activities of the Church and ensure that they take major roles which will ensure their participation in all activities.

Another aspect of the ministry focuses on the family as a unit in order to deal with the familial issues such as abuse, divorce, and other disruptions that the traditional churches have been able to deal with efficiently. The ministry emphasises family relationships and considers intergenerational activities. Get to experience church in the most inclusive way ever with people who are always looking out for your interests and make sure that you are welcome at all times. The Church used to be a place where everyone is welcome, and this is what the children and families’ ministry is all about.

You can use the South Moreton Presbytery resources to find the closest uniting Church to you and the physical address as well as other contact details such as Post Office box number, telephone number, email address, and the website. You practically have all the information you need to find a church.