Sunnybank Uniting Church


Get Involved in church activities.

Volunteering of any means represents a great opportunity to make significant positive impacts on the society and community. When such volunteering is for the Church, it is even better because it is also a great opportunity to serve God and bring people closer to him. Sunnybank Uniting Church provides volunteering opportunities. We consider it to be opportunities to serve in the lord’s vineyard and bring ourselves closer to Him. It is an incredible opportunity for you to contribute to the growth of the Christian community in your locality. These volunteering opportunities rarely require technical skills or experience, which means all you need to have is passion and dedication.

There are different volunteering groups available, and here are some of them.

Property and Grounds Maintenance

This is a very important task, and helping us to maintain the property and grounds is a task we very much appreciate. We care for and value the facilities that God has bestowed upon us. It is necessary to respect this part of our community to ensure that church attendees and visitors can have a great, safe and clean environment where they can worship and fellowship. If you are handy with tools, this is a perfect place to volunteer.




Tending the gardens

Doing odd jobs such as fixing door hinges, changing light bulbs, etc.

Coordinating other workers

Office Volunteer

You can also volunteer in our office where there is always a lot of work to be done. The Church’s office is usually a busy place with activities covering property usage, communication, general logistics and lots more as it relates to the works of the Church. As a volunteer, you can reduce the burden on our staff team by handling some of the tasks they will handle normally. This ensures that the operations are more simplified and the resources are optimally utilised to achieve our goals.

If you don’t fancy staying outdoors and prefer indoor duties, this is a perfect role for you.


Typing various resource books


Binding the resource books

Counting and recording the offering every Monday morning

Making coffee for the staff team

Tech Team

This role will involve some technical skills, but you don’t have to be an expert. The tech team is in charge of operating the audio-visuals and sound systems for all church events such as funerals, worships, weddings, corporate events, and all others. They play a vital role in the Church, and without them, the Church will feel incomplete. Due to the technical nature of the work, there is an opportunity for training for volunteers.


Operating the PA system and AV for all worship services and other church events

Developing Audio-visual or PowerPoint displays of/for church events.