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Wesley Mission Brisbane

Getting to know about the Wesley Mission

The Wesley Mission has been assisting the community for over 100 years now since it was established in 1907 as part of the Albert Street Methodist Church which is now known as Uniting Church in Brisbane. The mission supports people who are living on society’s margins.

This mission is known as Wesley Mission Brisbane as it changed its name in 2016. By renaming itself after the state, it has stretched its services far and wide beyond the city to cover the whole state and transform the lives of people from every part of the society.

Executive Leadership Team

The mission is headed by a team that includes the Chief Executive Officer and Directors for functions such as Community Services, Corporate Services, Residential Aged Care, People and Culture, Community Care and Inclusion, and Marketing, Communication, and Fundraising. The leadership team has the expertise, experience and in-depth organisational knowledge.


The Board provides the support and guidance needed to help the mission to achieve its objectives and goals.


We partner with organisations that will ensure that Queenslanders will have access to compassionate and innovative services. We believe that collaborating with community partners will give more people access to what we do. Our community partners include Mantle Housing, Hummingbird House Foundation, and Youngcare Foundation.


We receive support in the form of donations from individuals, community and corporate partners, foundation, trusts, and other organisations. We appreciate the generosity of our donors and supporters who are doing everything to help us create the change we envision and build a better future.

Corporate partners and sponsors include Andrews Light Up, Acmena Group, Bickerton Masters, Bartercard, CakeExpo, CPR Group, Deloitte, Hynes Legal, HUR Australia, Garuda GC Corporation, Suncorp Group, Yellow Cabs, Technology One, Sunland Foundation, Slippers Lawyers, Pareto Phone, and others.

Community Partners and sponsors include Aspley Uniting Church, Mental Health Association QLD, Moreton Bay College, Rotary Club of Sumner Park, Rotary Club of Jindalee, Uniting Church in Australia, Uniting Care Queensland, St Andrew’s Uniting Church, Salvation Army, and lots more.

Trust and foundations include Sanctuary Seven, Redcliffe Uniting Community Fund, Collier Charitable Fund, Scanlon Foundation, Safer Queensland Communities, Gold Coast Mayoress Charity Foundation, and many others.


The mission supports more than 100,000 annually in Queensland to make significant changes. We support over 3500 seniors by providing them with aged care services to help them live an independent and fulfilling life while also providing about 520 seniors with accommodation in retirement villages.

The mission also provides care for 1338 children every week and also provides 600 people with free meals, food parcels or sandwiches every week while more than 100 people attend the community meal weekly.

Wesley Mission Brisbane also provided 1103 children and adults with parenting support in 2015, and young adults and people living with a disability are also catered for in our services.