Sunnybank Uniting Church

Who we are

Getting to know us

Sunnybank Uniting Church is a cross-cultural family that aims to see people of different generations and cultures connect to God and each other through the culture of Jesus Christ that transforms all.

The Church beliefs are drawn from the bible and the Creeds of the Nicene and Apostles. We are influenced by the different movements and philosophies in Christianity. This includes the preaching of John Wesley in his Forty-four Sermons (1793), the Savoy Declaration (1658), the Heidelberg Catechism (1563), the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647), and Reformation Witness in the Scots Confession of Faith (1560). It reinstates the place of ongoing literary, historical, scientific, and theological study.

Sunnybank Uniting Church was founded based on a document called the Basis of Union. This foundational document combines various aspects of these traditions and writings to determine the Church’s way of living and being.

The Uniting Church is a church for everyone. Its purpose is to serve as a place for the worship of God and to proclaim the message of our Lord Jesus Christ as brought to us in his Gospel. We seek to promote the Christian fellowship and nurture believers in the Christian faith.

Sunnybank Uniting Church engages in missionary work, and we seek to assist in human development as we make efforts to also improve human relationships. We believe that the Church is a place of refuge, not only a place of worship but also the place people can come to for solutions to their problems. This is why we also try to meet human needs through charity and other services.


The Church aims to connect people to God and to each other as a cross-cultural church.

Core Values

The Church operates on fundamental principles guiding its operations and mission. These values include

Gift Based and Passion focused service – We value the serving that arises out of each person’s God given passion, gifts and personal style.

Authentic Community – We value a community where people trust God in each other, express unconditional love, communicate honestly and clearly, develop intimate relationships and live out lives of integrity.

Outward focused mission – We value mission that is culturally relevant, hospitable and evangelistic.

Christ-like character – We value personal spirituality that develops a Christ-like character in each believer.

Empowerment Culture – We value systems & structures which reproduce, multiply and birth – leadership, teams and people, for ministry in the context of permission-giving culture.

Passionate and Inspiring Worship – We value passionate & inspiring worship that is multisensory, multicultural and multi optional, and seeks excellence.

The Church in Action

The Church has more than 15000 staff across over 400 locations in Queensland. UnitingCare, which is the community service section of the Church, serves over 14000 people daily. It is one of the largest non-profit community and health service providers in Australia and caters to the needs of thousands of people through the agencies in its network.