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Worship is our highest calling! There is nothing on this earth that is greater than honouring God in word, deed and song.

The worship team has a heart to provide multi-sensory and multi-optional opportunities for the gathered community of believers to praise and worship God through singing, playing instruments and the use of audio visuals.

Why Minister With the Worship Team:

  • It’s awesome! Being part of the Worship Team is a great privilege, a lot of fun, noisy, uplifting and an incredible joy!
  • It requires commitment to attend practice and Sunday worship when rostered on.

How to Minister With the Worship Team:

  • Sing and/or play an instrument as regularly as you’re available— we practice
  • Thursday evenings 7:15-8:30pm.
  • Prepare and lead an occasional corporate worship service.
  • Prepare relevant audio visual presentations.

For more information please contact: ua.gr1556164139o.cuk1556164139nabyn1556164139nus@m1556164139yk1556164139  or phone 3273 4433